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Newborn Ambulance Checkup


Hi, today is a very important day for our friend because she is going to give birth to a healthy and beautiful baby. We know that you really like children because they are very beautiful and playful and that is why we prepared a special game for you. You will have to play an important role, you will be the doctor who will help to meet her baby. This kids care game will help you to care for children and have fun very well together with your new friends. We know that you will love to prove to everyone that you are a child responsible and to prove to all your friends that you have many skills. Our friend will give born in this morning, you will have to go to her home and help her with whatever she needs.For the mission to have a happy ending you will have to pay attention to details.Follow all instructions of this game.Good luck!- At first you will know our beautiful friend;- She has started to have pain and now she came to the hospital;- Check if she has fever;- Check heartbeat;- Make ultrasound once to see how it feels the child;- Do anesthesia;- The child was born;- You have to consult him;- Check heartbeat;- Check the weight and height;- Wash him with warm water and baby shampoo;- Mother and baby feel good and want to go home with a helicopter;- While the helicopter takes off an accident occurs;- The child is injured and you will have to consult him;- Disinfect wounds;- Sew wounds;- Apply a special ointment;- Apply patches all wounds;- Now the baby wants to eat;- At the end you have to choose the most beautiful clothes;- You're a very good doctor.
Thank you for help, please come back every day to help us through this game with helicopters for children.
Have fun!